Best Cheese of  AUGUSTUS                     

Augustus will be the month of holiday's come back of beautifull french region  and AOC cheeses 

 Bourgogne and its delight...       

                            Epoisses, Brillat -Savarin, Langres, Charolais ...

 Alps and mountain's cheeses !     

We propose you, for Augustus, an exceptional farmer TOME of AUBRAC

                            Corsica and its strong cheeses 

  Avesnois and its "puants"         Auvergne and its  Laguiole       

fromages traditionnels


Les affinés à la bière

With beer

Les affinés au vin

With wine

Les affinés aux champignons

With Truffles

Les affinés aux herbes

With herbs

Les affinés aux fruits secs

With dried fruits 

Les spécialités

The best one 


Best Belgian cheeses of the month and our Belgian cheeses   ...


Mild Cheese

Our cheeses :   Pomodor, Villée, Petite Fleur ...  ,

 the  Tartufette with white truffle!

This month of Augustus, we propose you the new creamy cheese with figs


Semi Strong Cheese

Our cheeses : Bailli, Pavé de Soignies,  Tome du Plateau Ardenais ...

 Strong Cheese

Our cheeses : Parfum de blanche, Bassigny au porto, the ripened Rouleau cendré


Sharp cheese

Our cheeses : Carré de Tourpes, Peket ...         




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